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Should I buy a house now or wait?

Buying a house is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make. So it makes sense to ask when the right time is to buy our first home. The

Seller Q&A

Got questions about selling your house? I've got answers! Watch my FB Live where I answer common seller questions.

Home Buyer Q&A

Got questions about buying a house? Check out our FB Live with Sherry Payne and Sharon Brown. Sorry about the horrible video quality, but...

Ellijay Mountain Cabin

Check out the luxurious new mountain cabin our client just built in Ellijay

Your New Pup is DESTROYING Your Home!

Got a Christmas Puppy? Congratulations! We did too and here's what you need to know about how your puppy can affect your home's value and...

Why Move to Georgia

We've got a lot to offer here! Click the image below to see just a little bit of what we have to offer!

Ellijay Road Trip & Mountain Home Vlog

Sherry Payne and I had a little road trip to the Ellijay in the north Georgia mountains. We stopped at Penlands for apple pie and pics...

35 Money-Saving Household Habits

Adopt a few of these home tips to find a bit more cash each month. Your house gives you so much: security, pride, shelter. With all that...

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